Eurolot chooses Q400 Wheels Flat Rate (WFR) program

TP Aerospace Leasing has been chosen by Polish airline Eurolot to provide a long-term Q400 Wheels Flat Rate (WFR) Program; a cost-per-landing type program in support of its confirmed fleet of 20ea Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Eurolot will enjoy a tailor made, full-service and all-inclusive wheel maintenance and logistics program. The Program is governed by a guaranteed service level to maximize Eurolot’s operational flow and minimize the requirement for extensive pool investments. Maintenance will be performed by TP Aerospace Technics, the maintenance division of TP Aerospace located in Hamburg, Germany. The central location provides day to day re-delivery capabilities by air and dedicated TP Aerospace road transports to Eurolot’s key line stations within Poland.

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