GA Telesis launches SNAP – Strategic Nacelle Access Program –

GA Telesis LLC announced the launch of its SNAP (Strategic Nacelle Access Program) program. GA Telesis and its subsidiaries GA Telesis Composite Repair Group and GA Telesis Component Repair Group SE have developed a program to support airlines worldwide with a solutions based approach to support airlines’ nacelle and nacelle actuation needs. The SNAP program will give immediate access to airlines operating all Airbus, Boeing (inclusive of Douglas), and limited Bombardier platforms with access to GA Telesis’ existing inventory of nacelle systems combined with its expert nacelle repair and overhaul business. GA Telesis currently maintains the world’s most comprehensive and independent ready-to-go inventory of nacelle systems. The pool will have multiple access points in North America, South America, Europe and China and will have 24/7/365 dispatch capabilities. Short-term program coverage will include the following engine nacelle models.
CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/B, CFM56-7B, CFM56-5C

GE-90, CF6-80C2/A/B/D, CF6-80A, CF34

Trent 700, Trent 800, RB211-524, RB211-535

PW4000 (94”), PW4168 (100”),  PW4090 (112’), PW2000

JT9D, JT8D-20, V2500-A1, V2500-A5

In addition to immediate nacelle access, airline customers are provided immediate cost savings through fixed-rate, menu-driven, repair programs that are custom tailored to each airlines specific maintenance program.

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