Embraer selects suppliers of systems for second-generation E-Jets

Embraer has named more suppliers of important systems that will equip the second-generation E-Jets, which are expected to go into service in 2018. The Company selected Moog to supply the fly-by-wire control system, consisting of flight control computers and all of the hydraulic actuators of the primary surfaces, spoilers, and ground spoilers. Rockwell Collins was selected to supply the horizontal stabilizer control system, consisting of electronic controls and mechanical actuators. The control system for the flaps and slats, consisting of electronic controls, mechanical actuators, a power transmission unit, torque tubes, and sensors, will be supplied by Liebherr, which was also chosen for the Air Management System (AMS) comprising the engine bleed, deicing, air conditioning, and cabin pressurization systems. The second generation of E-Jets is a significant step in Embraer’s commitment to continuously invest in this line of commercial jets. State-of-the-art engines, in combination with new aerodynamically advanced wings, full fly-by-wire flight controls, and other systems evolutions, will result in double-digit improvements in fuel burn, maintenance costs, emissions and external noise. The Company’s objective is to offer the best product and maintain its leadership in the 70 to 120-seat market, where more than 900 E-Jets are currently in service. More than 60 customers from 40 countries are flying, or will soon take delivery of, Embraer E-Jets.

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