AERO PLACEMENT diverts business to AERO PLACE

Due to increased demand for consultation in the areas of market access / market strategies, supply chain problems, preparation of trade fairs, training of directors and supervisory boards and especially concerning the middle class of German air, space and defense industries, Aero Placement has introduced these projects to a separate company. It reacts to, among other recently published studies and SME concepts that have arisen in various European and national Associations and calling for greater support of the middle class: The day-to-day business barely had time for:
– The inauguration of new and particularly international customer
– The ideal use of existing or to be developed financing instruments
– Sustainable improvements of the supplier management
What is missing is a network, which includes international service potential – also informally available – that could convey these companies. With a lot of international experience and good networks, supported by various industry experts, Aero Place wants to better service the individual needs of its clients, which the association due to their conceptual formulation aren’t able to adequately meet. Our goal is to support small and medium sized businesses that don’t have their own strategy department or do not have the possibility to hire expensive consulting firms. Aero Place is a platform with practical, actionable and affordable services with suited industry experts. We focus on the sustainability of supported and individual success.

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