January 29, 2014

GE achieves “Organization Designation Authorization” from Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has appointed GE as holder of an “Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).” GE Aviation, one of the world’s largest producer of commercial and military jet engines, received ODA authorization after demonstrating to the FAA that GE has the necessary cooperative attitude, integrity, and procedures in place to act impartially on behalf of the FAA. The ODA designation enables GE Aviation to act on behalf of the FAA in managing certification projects and determining compliance in accordance with stringent FAA procedures, guidelines, and oversight. Prior to this designation, dozens of GE Aviation technical personnel, operating with the FAA licensed title of “Designation Engineering Representative (DER),” would oversee and approve GE’s certification data on behalf of the FAA. This process required FAA oversight of each GE employee with the DER status. Now, the ODA status enables the FAA to streamline its oversight of GE data through a single construct – the company.

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