March 4, 2014

AerData launches ‘GEARS’ aircraft inspection and audit software

AerData, a provider of software and services for the aviation industry announced the launch of GEARS, a new software tool, that is designed to standardize data collection for routine audits and inspections. GEARS (Global Electronic Asset Review System), is a digital tool that can control the quality, consistency and efficiency of data collection by utilizing standard procedures and guidelines. The assigned ‘inspector’ completes a series of pre-defined questions and at the end, based on the answers, multiple reports can be generated and shared. GEARS is offered as a stand-alone tool via AerData’s web browser-based Dashboard or integrated with CMS and STREAM if the customer is also subscribing to those AerData products. In addition, AerData can also offer GEARS through AerData Technical Services (ADTS) if customers wish to outsource audits and inspection work.

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