ATR obtains EASA certification for new developments in the ATR -600 avionics suite

The propeller-bladed regional aircraft manufacturer ATR has obtained certification for the very latest innovations developed for the avionics of the ATR 42-600s and ATR 72-600s from the European Aviation Safety Agency. The new certification concerns the LPV (Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance), RNP-AR 0.3 (Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required) and V-NAV (Vertical Navigation) approach functionalities coupled to the autopilot. These new improvements will allow the latest generation ATRs to follow more accurate and even more secure approach trajectories thanks to satellite navigation, without requiring ground-based navigation facilities. These new features, which significantly reduce the pilot’s workload, are integrated into a new version of the ATR -600 avionics, the “Standard 2” version.

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