GA Telesis Composite Repair Group earns National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil certification

GA Telesis Composite Repair Group (CRG), a leader in structural and composite repair technologies, has been awarded ANAC certification (SEGVOO 001) by the Brazilian Aeronautical Authorities. This ANAC certification makes both GA Telesis Composite Repair Group and GA Telesis Component Repair Group Southeast (CRG-SE), authorized repair stations for all Brazilian airlines, MROs and parts suppliers. David LeClair, Vice President of Composite Strategic Sales, commented: “This additional certification will provide options and enhanced flexibility in support of our Brazilian customer base and expand the footprint of our SNAP offerings.” SNAP was launched by GA Telesis CRG and GA Telesis CRGSE in 2012 to support airlines worldwide with a solutions-based approach to manage nacelle and nacelle actuation needs.

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