April 22, 2015

Ameco to provide overhaul on PW4000 engine from A.C.C.L Airmotive Services

Ameco is providing overhaul on a PW4000 engine from A.C.C.L Airmotive Services. It is the first time for Ameco to provide engine service for a Middle East customer. Last year, A.C.C.L signed a contract with Ameco for two PW4000s overhaul services, and the one in the workshop is the first engine. Currently, Ameco can provide engine overhaul on RB211 and PW4000. Ameco is developing V2500 overhaul capability. In the beginning of April, hands-on training on a V2500 was completed. The first engine for overhaul is expected to the workshop soon, and it belongs to Air China.

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