About Avitrader

AviTrader has become the leading electronic source for up-to-date commercial aviation news. Since launching in 2005, AviTrader Publications has expanded to produce daily, weekly and monthly products providing our readership with breaking news, global perspective and exclusive insight into the topics that most concern the worldwide aviation community.

The AviTrader DAILY NEWS ALERT arrives in your inbox on a daily basis, Monday to Friday, with both breaking news and a general overview of the day’s events.

Our AviTrader WEEKLY AVIATION HEADLINES is enjoyed every week by thousands of aviation professionals, providing a global weekly round-up of the top headlines across the industry, as well as researched, often exclusive stories into the week’s most significant events.

The most recent addition to the AviTrader stable is our AVITRADER MRO e-magazine, a monthly publication on the global MRO sector that delivers timely and insightful reporting and analysis into the most relevant issues facing the industry today.

AviTrader also publishes a weekly Aircraft and Engine Marketplace, available in a convenient pdf format. The AviTrader Marketplace is the most widely accepted and comprehensive aircraft and engine marketplace, and boasts the highest-selling success rates in the business.

Our publications are all available free-of-charge and delivered straight to your inbox, every day, week and month, all year round.  They are also readily available on our new and improved AVITRADER.COM website, one of the most-widely consulted aviation websites on the net today. 

Led by a team of experienced industry professionals, journalists and analysts, AviTrader Publications is the vehicle you need to keep on top of the aviation industry’s latest news and developments  – and to expose your company to a wider audience with global reach.

The attractiveness of AviTrader’s products is demonstrated by an average readership growth rate of more than 20 percent per annum. Leading airlines, MROs and service providers, as well as aircraft and engine marketeers and leasing companies are using AviTrader as their advertising medium of choice to promote their products and services globally.