Lufthansa load factor down

Lufthansa fell short of the record levels in the same month in the previous year. During the month, 4.6 million (- 2.1%) passengers flew with Lufthansa. Only part (+0.6 %) of the marginal increase (+1.6 per cent) in capacity was sold in the market, so that the passenger load factor fell by 0.8 percentage points to 74.7 per cent. In the Americas, reduced capacity led to improved utilisation despite a decline(- 2.5 %) in passenger numbers. In Asia/Pacific, the occupancy rate was down on the year-earlier level to 81 per cent (- 2.2 pp), the passenger count was down by 0.2 per cent. Capacity utilisation versus the peaks in October 2004 also fell in Europe (65.2 %) as well as in Africa and the Middle East (68.5%).

Lufthansa Cargo transported 157,000 tonnes of freight and mail in October

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