AerCap announces fourth quarter 2007 transactions

AerCap Holdings reported the completion of the following transactions during fourth quarter 2007:

AerCap signed contracts for 21 aircraft and 13 engines in fourth quarter 2007. The 21 new lease agreements for aircraft signed in the fourth quarter for future delivery to the operator included:

— Six new Airbus A320 for Aeroflot (Russia),

— One Boeing 737-500 for Aeroflot-Nord (Russia),

— Four new Airbus A320 for Air Arabia (United Arab Emirates),

— Three new Airbus A320 for Spring Airlines (China),

— Six new Airbus A320 for TAP (Portugal), and

— One Boeing 767-200 for US Airways (United States).

The 13 new engine lease agreements were signed for:

— Ten CFM 56 engines,

— One CF6-80 engine, and

— Two V2500 engines.

During 2007, AerCap signed a total of 39 new lease agreements for aircraft and 51 new lease agreements for engines. AerCap also executed letters of intent for an additional 42 new leases or extensions of aircraft leases.

AerCap sold a total of 24 aircraft and 22 engines from its owned portfolio and a total of 25 aircraft from its managed portfolio during 2007.

In addition to the completed sales activity above, AerCap has signed agreements for the sale of one A300 freighter and one Fokker 100, and letters of intent for the sale of one MD83, one Fokker 100, and one DC8 from its owned portfolio. The completion of these sales is expected in 2008.

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