Embraer releases fourth quarter and fiscal year 2007 results

Embraer recorded fourth quarter 2007 net sales of $1,875.0 million and net sales for FY 2007 of $5,245.2 million. Net Income for 4Q07 and for the full year totaled $200.9 million and $489.3 million.

Net revenues for 4Q07 totaled $1,875.0 million, a 77.0% increase compared to $1,059.6 million for the fourth quarter of 2006 (4Q06). Deliveries for 4Q07 totaled 61 aircraft, a 64.9% increase compared to 37 jets delivered in 4Q06. For fiscal year 2007, net revenues totaled $5,245.2 million, a 39.5% increase compared to fiscal year 2006 revenues of $3,759.5 million.

Net income was $200.9 million in 4Q07, in comparison with $124.4 million in 4Q06. Due to the increase in production costs, net margin decreased to 10.7% in 4Q07, compared to 11.7% in 4Q06. For the same reasons, net income increased to $489.3 million in 2007 from $390.1 million in 2006, and net margins decreased to 9.3% from 10.4%, respectively.

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