BA Willi Walsh apologizes for chaotic first day at terminal 5

BA released following statement from CEO Willi Walsh: “Yesterday (March 27th) was definitely not British Airways’ finest hour. We disappointed many people and I apologize sincerely. I take responsibility for what happened. The buck stops with me.

A number of issues led to the events we saw yesterday. There were problems in the car parks, airport areas, computer glitches and the baggage system. In isolation, they would not have had the impact they did, but in combination they led to a level of disruption we never took control of during the day.

I am not pointing the finger at BAA. Both British Airways and BAA made mistakes, but I am taking responsibility for the mistakes we made. We have to correct those and make this fantastic terminal work.

Our performance was not good enough. We did not deliver for our customers and we should have.”

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