Goodrich to repair proprietary components for Airbus

Goodrich Corporation has entered into an agreement with Airbus North America Customer Services Inc. to perform repair work on a variety of proprietary components at its Foley, Ala. maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility known as the Alabama Service Center. Under the agreement, the facility becomes one of two Airbus-endorsed repair stations for structural components in the Americas; in addition, it is now one of three repair stations in the Americas that Airbus has chosen to work on its proprietary parts. The main product lines the facility expects to service include flight control surfaces, pneumatic ducting and access doors, such as landing gear doors.

Under the agreement, Goodrich and Airbus will jointly market these repair services to operators. Airlines will now have the option of routing damaged Airbus proprietary components, including those under new aircraft warranty, directly to the Goodrich facility for refurbishment. With the agreement, the facility will become a member of the extended Airbus “family,” with direct access to Airbus support and resources including technical data, engineering and supply chain.

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