SAFRAN inaugurates three new facilities in China

The SAFRAN Group has established solid, long-standing relations with the Chinese aviation industry, including a growing industrial presence in the country. SAFRAN is now continuing its expansion policy, with the inauguration of three new production facilities in China. SAFRAN Chief Executive Officer Jean-Paul Herteman inaugurated two new Group plants, Snecma Suzhou, and Messier-Dowty Suzhou, in the Suzhou industrial park (80 kilometers from Shanghai).

These two new plants, spanning some 14,000 square meters, are located on the same site. Snecma Suzhou will produce components for CFM56-5B and -7B engines, while Messier-Dowty Suzhou will make components for Messier-Dowty landing gear.

The next inauguration will be on April 10, for Snecma Xinyi Airfoil Castings a partnership between Snecma and Guizhou Xinyi Machinery Factory (AVIC I). This new casting factory will make turbine parts for CFM56-2, -3, -5A, -5C and -7B engines.

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