Boeing reconfirms acceptability of painted landing gear truck beam inner surfaces

AAR announced that The Boeing Company has issued a Multi Operator Message (“MOM”) to its 707, 747, 757 and 767 customers, dated April 8, 2008, referencing the FAA South Florida FSDO notice (UPN No. 2008-S2008 0110024) issued on March 25, 2008 (“FAA Notice”) regarding enamel paint applied by AAR to the inside surfaces of the respective aircraft main landing gear (“MGL”) truck beams. The MOM reconfirms the enamel applied by AAR as a top coat to the inner diameter of landing gear truck beams “…to be equivalent to drawing finish requirements and can be considered acceptable subject to all other standard overhaul processes and applicable CMM [Component Maintenance Manual] instructions being followed at the time of the overhaul.”

FAA approval of enamel coating on MGL truck beam inner surfaces is available through the issuance of an FAA Form 8100-9 upon customer request to Boeing. The FAA is reviewing the Boeing top coating equivalency determination in the MOM for its effect on the UPN. The Company expects no contingent liability or financial penalties related to the FAA Notice.

AAR, which has been operating FAA approved Repair Stations since 1968, and its over 6,100 employees are committed to complying with high industry standards and regulatory requirements which are designed to ensure the safety of the flying public. AAR has and will continue to work diligently with Boeing and the FAA to clarify and resolve this issue with out disruption to its customers.

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