Airbus opens material and logistics centre in the Middle East

Airbus Material and Logistics Centre in the Middle East has been officially opened at the Dubai Airport Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates. The Material and Logistics Centre covers over 3,700 square metres of storage space and office facilities ensuring optimised logistics and efficiency. The 24 hour a day centre will stock more than 5,000 different parts with around 43,000 items in at any one time, offering customer support and aircraft spares distribution to regional and worldwide destinations 24 hours a day.

The opening of the Materials and Logistics Centre gives Airbus greater proximity to valuable customers, and facilitates a quicker and more reactive response to their needs. It also reduces the time and cost in transporting spares. The efficiency gains and economic benefit of the centre are part and parcel of Airbus’ commitment to eco-efficiency, to help the aviation sector prosper by adding value with less environmental impact.

The Centre includes an avionics and electronics repair station and hosts a vendor village providing state of the art business centre services as well as office and storage facilities for original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) to enable commercial and technical support with optimised delivery lead times.

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