Air France-KLM report financial year 2007-08

Air France-KLM reported operating income of 1.41 billion euros up 13.3%, income from operating activities rose 3.2% to 1.27 billion euros (versus 1.23 billion euros a year earlier). Excluding exceptional items (cargo provision and proceeds from Amadeus), it would

have increased by 23.0%. Pre-tax income of fully integrated companies amounted to 1.15 billion euros. After a tax charge

of 358 million euros (248 million euros at 31st March 2007) and a negative contribution of 24 million euros from associates, net income, group share stood at 748 million euros compared with 891 million euros a year earlier, down 16.0%. Excluding exceptional items it would have risen by 10.8%. Earnings per share amounted to 2.63 euros against 3.35 euros at 31st March 2007. Diluted

earnings per share was 2.47 euros, (3.05 euros at 31st March 2007).

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