Iberia posts 2007 profit of 327.6 million euros

Iberia released that net earnings by the Iberia Group climbed to 327.6 million euros from the 56.7 million euros posted in 2006, far exceeding the targets set in the 2006-2008 Strategic Plan, and enabling the company to pay its shareholders a dividend of 17 eurocents per share.

Operating earnings in 2007 reached 283.5 million euros, 132% more than the figure for 2006, thanks to a notable improvement in the operating margin, which came to 5.1%, well above the 2.3% posted in 2006. The EBITDAR amounted to 932 million euros, 17.9% above that of the previous year, and showing a 16.9% margin over income, one of the highest among European carriers.

Operating income rose by 2.5% in the year to 5,522 million euros, while operating expenses declined by half a point to 5,238 million euros.

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