AerCap Holdings N.V. announces second quarter 2008 transactions

AerCap signed 32 new lease agreements for aircraft in the second quarter 2008:

Three new Airbus A330s for Hainan Airlines (China),

Three new Airbus A320s for Kuwait National Airways (Kuwait),

One new A319 for Hemus Air (Bulgaria),

Three new Airbus A321s for Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam),

Nine Boeing B737-800s for Hapagfly/TUI Travel (Germany),

One Boeing B737-800 for Jet4You/TUI Travel (Morocco),

Six Boeing B757-200s and two B767-300ERs for Thomsonfly/TUI Travel (United Kingdom),

One Boeing 737-800 for TUIFly Nordic/TUI Travel (Sweden),

Two Boeing 737-500s for Aeroflot-Nord (Russia), and

One Boeing 737-400 for Ukraine International Airlines (Ukraine).

Of the lease agreements above, 19 were executed with subsidiaries of TUI Travel in the context of the acquisition of a 19-aircraft-portfolio from TUI.

AerCap added eight new airlines to its customer base in the second quarter of 2008: Hainan Airlines, Kuwait National Airways, Ukraine International Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and four TUI subsidiaries Hapagfly, Jet4You, Thomsonfly, TUIFly Nordic.

The average term of the ten lease agreements for new aircraft signed during the second quarter was 122 months. The average term of the 22 lease agreements for used aircraft was 57 months.

AerCap also expanded its engine pool with the acquisition of 14 CFM56 engines in the second quarter.

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