ILFC draws on its unsecured revolving credit facilities

International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) reported that it requested to borrow the maximum available principal amount of $6.5 billion under its three unsecured revolving credit facilities on September 16, 2008. To date, ILFC has received approximately $6.4 billion of the $6.5 billion requested. ILFC expects to receive the remainder of the borrowing request by tomorrow. The amounts borrowed will be due in part on each of October 15, 2009, October 14, 2010, and October 13, 2011.

ILFC drew on its unsecured revolving credit facilities to provide it with liquidity to repay its commercial paper and other general obligations as they become due. ILFC anticipates that the amounts received under the revolving credit facilities together with cash provided by operating activities will be sufficient to meet its debt obligations into the first quarter of 2009.

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