Boeing to provide Performance Improvement Package for British Airways' 777 fleet

Boeing will provide a Performance Improvement Package for British Airways’ 777 fleet that will result in a one percent fuel efficiency gain, along with the emission reductions that come with reduced fuel usage. The package will be applied to the airline’s 42-airplane 777 fleet. The 777 Performance Improvement Package is expected to reduce fuel spending per aircraft by about $200,000 annually (assuming $100 per barrel crude oil prices), according to Boeing estimates.

The key elements of the 777 Performance Improvement Package are the addition of a drooped aileron and a ram air system. In addition, Boeing will provide redesigned wing vortex generators. Boeing expects the package to be certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in 2009.

The 777 upgrade package is focused on the 777-200, -200ER and -300 models, accounting for more than 500 airplanes. The newer 777 models, the 777-200LR, -300ER and Freighter, incorporate the upgrades during factory production.

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