Donica International forms In-Flight Entertainment Media Integration company in California

Donica International, one of the leading in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems manufacturers, has set up a new operation in the US to provide comprehensive media integration services to its customers. The new company, which is named Donica Inflight Entertainment Services Inc, will be based at one of the newest, state-of-the-art media integration labs in California. It will provide Donica customers with one point of contact for all of their media integration requirements including the encoding and encryption of movies, TV shows and audio channels for use onboard aircraft. With its new company and operation, Donica aims to develop and grow integration services around its hardware platforms. The Donica range of Digital Media Reproducers allows for a plug and play replacement to ageing IFE video tape machines which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and source the necessary media for. In moving from an analogue video source to a complete digital source, video quality and sound improves significantly as does ease of use.

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