Latécoère Group reports first 9 months results

For the first 9 months of 2012, the Latécoère Group, a tier 1 partner to major international aircraft manufacturers, posted revenue, excluding non-recurring items, of €416.7m, up +11.7% year on year. At a constant €/US$ exchange rate, organic growth stood at +7.85%; the hedging strategy implemented has allowed the Group to partially benefit of a year on year strengthening of US $ against Euro. The Group recorded on the period an additional non-recurring revenue of €62.5m corresponding to billing of development costs (refer to press release dated February 2, 2012). As a result, total consolidated revenue reached €479.3m. 3rd quarter activity was up +13.1% to €126.4m, fuelled by strong delivery rates despite persisting tensions on the supply chain.

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