SAS Group posts 3rd quarter net income of MSEK 434

For the 3rd quarter 2012 SAS Group posted revenues of MSEK 11,096 compared to MSEK 10,616 in the 3rd quarter 2011. The number of passengers increased by 315,000 (4.5%), passenger revenue adjusted for currency and nonrecurring items increased by 9.4%, income before tax and non-recurring items amounted to MSEK 607 compared to MSEK 298 in the 3rd quarter 2011. EBT margin before non-recurring items was 5.5%, previous year 2.8%, income before tax was MSEK 568, MSEK 276 in 2011. Net income for the period was MSEK 434, compared to MSEK 214 the previous year, cash flow from operating activities was MSEK -123 , compared to MSEK 232 in 2011.

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