45 tier-one OEMs are now relying on MAINtag RFID solutions

Founded in 2004, MAINtag is a leading manufacturer of RFID solutions including tags, readers and innovative business software, primarily for the aerospace industry. MAINtag began working with Airbus in 2010, supplying the FLYtag solution for the identification and tracking of components embedded on the A350 XWB. MAINtag will deliver, over an eight-year period, the latest generation of high-memory RFID tags containing dates and information design – as well as the complete history of maintenance of aircraft parts to optimise maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). The A350 XWB program represents for MAINtag potential revenue of $20m from major European and American manufacturers, including Thales, AOA, DIEHL, MBDA, Safran and Goodrich, to name a few. The A350 XWB will be the first aircraft to use RFID on embedded components and systems, implemented with the participation of Airbus equipment suppliers. The A350 XWB uses the FLYtag solution with high memory, which allows the emergence of the first passive RFID tags to mark more than 2,500 components and systems in pressurised and non-pressurised areas of each plane.

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