Airbus boosts revenue potential of A321neo with new cabin options

Airbus is offering airlines brand new options for configuring the generous floor space offered by the A321neo. These allow more flexibility and thus increase the number of seats at the same comfort standard. In addition, the maximum exit limit is raised beyond 220 seats. These new cabin options capitalize on recent innovations in cabin monuments and seat design which allow airlines more efficient use of cabin space without compromising passenger comfort. The new cabin options will enter into service in the second half of 2017. The first new option consists of an additional over-wing exit door which raises the current maximum exit limit so operators can make even more use of the available cabin floor space. When this new option is combined with the Space-Flex aft cabin configuration, the A321neo can accommodate up to 236 seats, 16 seats more than today’s maximum seating, which leads to a reduction in seat mile costs of 5%. In conjunction with the additional over-wing exit door, a second new option is available whereby the forward exit is de-activated. This creates a seamless, undivided forward cabin allowing additional seats and even more flexibility in multi-class seat arrangements. This option will be of particular use in longer range markets where high comfort standards are needed in Premium class.

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