FL Technics acquires ten landing gear sets for tear down

FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, successfully expands its landing gear and spare parts capabilities, having recently purchased ten Bombardier CRJ 100/200 and Boeing 737-300/400/500 landing gear sets to be dismantled for parts and components. The escalating demand for regional aircraft and ongoing popularity of Boeing 737 CL aircraft around the world has prompted FL Technics to acquire four Bombardier CRJ 200 and six Boeing 737 CL landing gear sets. The dismantled components and parts of main and nose landing gear (MLG/NLG) will be used to supplement the FL Technics aircraft spare parts stockpiles at the company’s warehouses across Europe, the CIS and Asia. Some of the components have already been overhauled and are available both as individual units as well as complete landing gear sets to clients from Europe, Russia and the CIS.

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