REVIMA APU repairs 4,000th TSCP700 APU

Revima APU, a leading independent APU repair provider, received the 4,000th TSCP700 APU to be repaired at its facilities in Normandy, France. The APU type is installed on the Airbus A300B, Boeing DC-10 and Boeing MD-11 aircraft. Revima APU has been servicing APUs for over 41 years, and has now repaired almost 12,000 APUs throughout its history. The TSCP700 was one of the very first APU models in Revima APU’s capability, when the company started supporting DC-10 APU’s for UTA in 1972. From that time onwards, Revima APU has built a solid experience and a deep knowledge of this APU and of its different variants, which progressively positioned the company as the world’s leader on this product.

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