Munich Airport chooses ARINC Common Use Passenger Processing Systems

ARINC reported that long-time customer Munich (MUC) Airport will continue to use ARINC’s CUPPS solution at MUC Terminal 2. The ARINC-Munich relationship began in 2003 and was previously extended in 2009. Under the agreement, ARINC will continue to provide and maintain its fully-customizable vMUSETM platform for Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS). ARINC recently completed a seamless upgrade to vMUSE 3.2 at MUC, providing a fully CUPPS-compatible environment for the airlines. Earlier this year MUC installed automated quick boarding gates and secured ARINC to provide support for the current contract life time. As part of the agreement with MUC, ARINC provides premium on-site service. A migration to a centralized state-of-the-art firewall solution will follow in Q01/2013.

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