FAST Technology offers single solution for managing all engine performance data

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) has launched Automatic Power Assurance Check (APAC) to run on its FAST (Flight data Acquisition Storage and Transmission System) engine diagnostic solution for P&WC-powered helicopters. APAC will give operators an end-to-end application for managing all helicopter engine performance data. FAST measures the engine’s performance parameters, automatically calculates the power assurance check and makes the information available to the pilot. At the end of every mission, the diagnostic, trend and power assurance data is sent wirelessly to an appointed Designated Analysis Centre (DAC) that uses WebECTM or trending and notification of the engine’s performance. This will eliminate the need for manual power assurance checks and manual data downloads saving both time and money. Customers can also choose where and how they wish to be notified of their engine’s performance data.

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