AviancaTaca Holding select AMOS as single maintenance software platform for all its airlines

Swiss-AS, in cooperation with Lufthansa Systems, released that the airlines in the AviancaTaca Holding have selected AMOS as their single maintenance software platform to help position them as the leading force in the Latin American airline market. As a result, Avianca, TACA, Tampa Cargo, and Aerogal will be implementing a unified maintenance software solution through AMOS. The airlines in the AviancaTaca Holding have some very advanced requirements for this software as they intend to introduce it as a multi Air Operator Certificate (multi AOC) organizational single maintenance platform that will provide services to the different operators and thereby substitute the separately acting maintenance systems currently in place. The model is being designed to standardize company policies and procedures affecting the maintenance organization according to industry standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices (organization, processes, etc.)

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