FADEC Alliance named exclusive LEAP supplier

FADEC Alliance, a joint venture between aircraft engine electronic control specialist FADEC International (Sagem-BAE Systems) and GE, has been named CFM International’s exclusive supplier for the LEAP engine family. “The FADEC Alliance JV was created on November 29, 2012 in a drive to get GE more involved in the design and production of Fadec units [Full-Authority Digital Electronic Controls] to be used in its new engines,” explains Jean-Michel Hillion, General Manager, Safran Electronics. The new joint venture will market the fourth-generation FADECs set to equip CFM International’s three LEAP engines as well as the new GE Passport P20 engine for business aircraft. Sagem (Safran) and BAE Systems will oversee engine control unit (ECU) development, production and maintenance within FADEC Alliance, while GE will look after funding and specifications. The JV itself will manage and market aftermarket products and services.

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