Rolls-Royce opens new £50m London Heathrow Service Centre

Rolls-Royce has opened a £50m London Heathrow Service Centre to provide round-the-clock specialist maintenance and support for aero engines. The 95,000 ft² facility, larger than Wembley football pitch, includes a state-of-the-art engine workshop four times larger than the previous Rolls-Royce service centre at Hatton Cross, Heathrow. In the new centre, engineers will be able to work on up to 13 of the latest generation Trent engines at any one time, double the capacity of the previous facility. When fully operational it will employ up to 60 people, with 40 transferring from the existing Rolls-Royce Heathrow facility, with potential to employ up to 20 further people in the longer term. In addition, the centre can store up to 30 large gas turbines, ready to be made available to operators worldwide.

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