Airbus and IBM to help aircraft operators optimize fleet management and operations

Airbus and IBM are working together to transform Airbus’ fleet solution offerings, which will provide airlines and operators with advanced IT services for maintenance, engineering and flight operations. These fleet service offerings will enhance operational efficiencies, help airlines to manage their aircraft more effectively and improve customer service by smarter use of ‘big-data’. Didier Lux, EVP Customer Services, Airbus says: “This agreement with IBM is a major step in the implementation of Airbus’ aim to provide airlines with strong added-value innovative services for their long-term business development.” He adds: “Our customers will soon benefit from the most advanced information management solutions to address their engineering, operational and maintenance needs.” The Smarter Fleet Solutions ((ASFS) bring together Airbus’ aircraft manufacturer expertise with IBM’s expertise in managing ‘big-data’, advanced analytics and asset optimization needed in today’s commercial aircraft operations.

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