New E-HOTS support partnership combines the expertise of Eurocopter, DAHER, DCI, Eurotradia and Vector Aerospace

An innovative total support solution for Eurocopter helicopters in deployed operations was launched with a consortium agreement signed yesterday at the Paris Air Show by its five participants: Eurocopter, DAHER, DCI, Eurotradia and Vector Aerospace. This solution – designated E-HOTS (Eurocopter Helicopter On Theatre Services) – consolidates the five partners’ expertise and pools their resources, providing a turnkey support package that covers an extensive range of services for rotorcraft in any deployed operation such as humanitarian and crisis relief missions, in conflict zones, and for oil and gas exploration. Benefits of E-HOTS include all-inclusive and versatile support for enhanced capabilities, with availability at short notice and the supply of services in austere conditions – backed by experienced operators. In addition, the ability to combine the resources of the five E-HOTS partners ensures that ready-to-use support packages specifically tailored the demanding operational needs of customers are available quickly – all while remaining highly cost effective.

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