Saab introduces Aerobahn De-icing Manager

The Aerobahn De-icing Manager from Saab is now available for airport operators, airlines, and de-icing companies to proactively manage and track the aircraft de-icing process. The De-icing Manager from Saab integrates airport surface surveillance and flight data to provide users with real-time situational awareness of de-icing pad activity. Users can schedule and sequence aircraft into centralized de-icing pads; track de-icing queue lengths and occupancy times; and automatically record de-icing process milestones. In addition, the Aerobahn De-icing Manager features a number of predictive elements that facilitate better planning of the de-icing process. This includes estimated de-icing queue entry, pad entry, occupancy and exit times; and the generation of recommended push back times that help to limit queue lengths.

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