Sibylle Pähler joins Doric Senior Management

Sibylle Pähler has joined Dr. Peter E. Hein and Bernd Reber as managing director of Doric GmbH. She is responsible for the acquisition and structuring of investments. Ms. Pähler has been with Doric since its founding. She has held a number of senior positions and played a major role in growing Doric‘s product portfolio. Prior to Doric, Ms. Pähler worked at Citigroup in Asset Finance for over 15 years. Doric‘s two other managing directors and founding shareholders, Dr. Peter E. Hein and Bernd Reber, remain in charge of Doric‘s strategic and technical Asset Management, and Fund Management respectively. In June 2013 the shareholders of Doric GmbH launched Doric Lease Corp (DLC) as an operating lessor company. DLC is not a member of the Doric group of companies.

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