ANAC Brazil approves PEMCO 737 Freighter STC’s

PEMCO World Air Services announced the approval of its Boeing 737 300/400 passenger to freighter modifications by ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil), Brazil. Expansion into Brazil adds to PEMCO’s global reach and represents the 30th major national aviation authority certification of its industry-leading 737-300/400 Freighter, Combi and Quick Change products. Approval by ANAC was accomplished in cooperation with the U.S. FAA who provided guidance based on familiarity with PEMCO’s conversion products and multiple worldwide bilateral approvals and certifications. Company executives noted the significance of this approval as a gateway to serve the enviable Brazilian economy and its increasing demand for more modern regional freighters. Over the past few weeks PEMCO has already delivered two 737-400 11-position high-yield freighters to two different Brazilian air carriers with a third scheduled for next month.

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