Safran Engineering Services: Airbus partner in the USA

Opting for the advantage of geographical proximity, Safran Engineering Services (Safran) opened an engineering center in Mobile (Alabama), in order to strengthen its collaboration with Airbus. Before relocating to Alabama, SEngS was already putting its expertise at the disposal of the local Airbus teams. In 2011, the European airframer decided to transfer the design of the electrical system on the long-haul A330-A340 family from Hamburg to Mobile. Five SEngS engineers dispatched on-site coordinated this complex operation between the teams while providing their expertise in electrical design. When Airbus decided to build an A320 assembly line in the United States in July 2012, SEngS in turn took the decision to open a local office. The team, comprised of fifteen people, works primarily for the airframer’s engineering office.

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