Airbus and China extend cooperation on safety into the future

Airbus and the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority (CAAC) have agreed to continue their cooperation in the field of aviation safety for another five years. The new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Airbus and CAAC states that both partners will continue to work together on safety challenges, especially those arising from the rapid development of the civil aviation industry in China. The MoU was signed by Eric Chen, Airbus China President and Lü Erxue, Chief Inspector of CAAC. The MoU includes continuing the reinforced maintenance operation support programme, continuing projects in flight operations and aviation safety such as providing flight instructor refresh courses to CAAC and Chinese airlines, deploying Performance Based Navigation (PBN) / Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and other new technologies in China, organizing high level management training courses to senior level civil aviation officials and airline executives and strengthening information exchanges and communication between Airbus, CAAC and Chinese operators.

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