GE signs IHI and Techspace Aero as partners on Passport program

GE Aviation has reached agreement with IHI of Japan and Techspace Aero (Safran) of Belgium to become partners of a joint venture on GE’s new Passport engine for business aviation. IHI and Techspace Aero will be responsible for more than 37% of the Passport engine, which will power the Bombardier Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, IHI will be responsible for the low-pressure turbine module, aerodrive systems, fan hub frame and aft fan case. Techspace Aero, located in Liège, Belgium, will be responsible for the booster module, lube tank and pump and the heat exchangers. The engine certification program will include eight engines and one core. Flight testing on GE’s flying testbed is scheduled for next year. Engine certification is expected in 2015. GE’s Passport engine will produce 16,500 pounds of thrust and will incorporate advanced technologies and materials to provide: 8% lower specific fuel consumption than engines in its class; margin to CAEP/6 emissions and to Stage 4 noise regulations; and world-class reliability and support.

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