First GE H80-powered Thrush 510G aircraft delivered to Beidahuang GA Company

Beidahuang General Aviation Company received its first six H80 powered Thrush 510G aircraft on September 6th. Beidahuang General Aviation Company, a subsidiary of the State-Owned-Enterprise Beidahuang Group ordered 20 Thrush 510G aircraft powered by GE’s H80 turboprop engines in 2012. The Thrush 510G agricultural aircraft was the first aircraft to enter service powered by H80 engines. GE Aviation has taken steps to ensure the H80 engines have a smooth entry into service in Beidahuang’s fleet. Line maintenance classes have been completed to help customers learn how to keep their engines in top operating condition. GE Aviation has also developed an extensive network of service and support centers around the world, including China.

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