Global Eagle Entertainment acquires IFE Services

Global Eagle Entertainment has acquired Travel Entertainment Group Equity, the UK-based parent company of IFE Services Limited (IFE Services) from GCP Capital Partners for approximately $36m in cash. IFE Services is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment services to airlines and cruise lines worldwide. The acquisition expands Global Eagle’s leadership in delivering content and software solutions to the international travel industry. Global Eagle’s purchase of IFE Services follows closely on the Company’s acquisition of digital content leader Post Modern Group (PMG) in July 2013. With a 20-year history, IFE Services provides a broad range of content solutions, spanning movies, TV programs, games, mobile apps, publications, safety videos and technical support to a worldwide client base of over 50 airline and cruise ship operators. IFE Services has a particularly strong customer presence among quickly-growing airlines in developing markets in Africa, Asia and South America.

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