Revima APU receives OEM authorization to service APS 500, APS 1000, and APS 2000 APU’s from IATA I and IATA III

Revima APU has been an Authorized APU Repair Facility for Pratt and Whitney Aero Power (formerly Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems) for 10 years, serving APU customers worldwide. As a natural outcome of the strong and mutually beneficial relationship which has been developed over the years, Pratt and Whitney Aero Power has expanded Revima APU’s authorizations to include support of all new and existing APS 500, APS 1000, and APS 2000 customers within IATA I (North and South America & Canada) and IATA III (Asia Pacific). The expanded authorization allows Revima APU to sell repair services to operators in these regions. Revima APU is also authorized to manage warranty claims on behalf of Pratt and Whitney Aero Power.

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