LAN Airlines goes live with upgrade to Maintenix Version 8

Mxi Technologies, leader in aviation maintenance management software, reported that LAN Airlines (LAN) has gone live with a full footprint upgrade to Maintenix version 8 (v8) across the Group’s affiliate passenger and cargo carriers — a global network comprising of over 4000 end users. In addition to enabling standardization on a single MRO platform, the upgrade to Maintenix v8 supports the maintenance network in contributing to LAN’s overall vision of being recognized as one of the world’s ten best airlines. Mxi’s Maintenix v8 software stream provides LAN with a scalable platform that meets the Group’s objectives for organizational expansion, business process efficiencies, and the adoption of new features and usability enhancements. These features of the v8 stream include significant advancements in materials management, purchasing, maintenance history navigation and data search capability, heavy and long range planning tools, user experience improvements, and mobile touchscreen deployment. The upgrade project was completed seamlessly with minimal impact to operations and end users as they cut over to the v8 production environment and released the system to all affiliates across South America.

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