New home for Lufthansa Technik's Central Materials Technology

During the second quarter of 2014, Lufthansa Technik AG will commission a new complex of buildings in Hamburg representing a construction investment of some €20m. This project is yet another milestone in the company’s ongoing investment program at its home base. In addition to offices and workshops, the Central Materials Technology department – one of Lufthansa Technik’s most important high-tech areas – will be sited at the new complex, and will include a completely new chemistry lab. Central Materials Technology at Lufthansa Technik is responsible for component and system assessment, production resource monitoring, the testing of all fluids used in aircraft, from hydraulic oil to cleaning agents, materials verification, and the evaluation of new technologies, among other things. The team of about 20 employees is composed of highly qualified engineers and laboratory staff, whose extensive expertise is used well beyond the bounds of Lufthansa Technik. How do new materials respond to the use of traditional cleaning agents? Do two flame-resistant seat covers still meet fire safety regulations when they are combined with another insulating material? Can a welding joint be the source of crack formation? These are typical questions for the experts at Central Materials Technology.

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