Lufthansa Cargo achieves operating profit of €77m in 2013

Lufthansa Cargo achieved an operating profit of €77m in the last financial year, €28m less than in the previous year. Numerous projects in the “Lufthansa Cargo 2020” future programme were vigorously pursued; fleet modernisation was successfully initiated. A significantly higher result is expected in 2014. Lufthansa Cargo Chairman and CEO, Karl Ulrich Garnadt, emphasised at the annual press conference in Frankfurt that the company is well on its way to consolidating and strengthening its position as Europe’s leading cargo airline this year: “We have set ourselves ambitious targets. We want to grow our tonnage by around five per cent and plan to significantly increase the operating profit”, said Garnadt. The Cargo CEO, who will take over at the helm of Lufthansa Passage on May 1st, announced an operating result of €77m (2012: €105m) on presentation of the 2013 balance sheet. The airline will greatly benefit in 2014 from the now three Boeing 777 freighters to be deployed on North Atlantic routes and also to Shanghai from next week. With significantly lower fuel consumption, the brand new aircraft not only produce lower emissions but will also help reduce costs. Another Triple Seven will be delivered in June of this year. Because of the new arrivals, Lufthansa Cargo is planning to fly just 14 of its originally 18 MD-11 freighters.

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