Sabena technics develops Sharklet retrofit capability

Sabena technics develops its Sharklet retrofit capability. The Sharklets will allow fuel efficiency improvement, payload/range capability increase, and environmental impact reduction thus bringing notable benefits to the customers’ operations. Constantly looking to improve aircraft operational use, Sabena technics has already developed the capability to perform the production retrofit on sharklet-ready wings on the Airbus A320 aircraft family and will be able to provide the In-service Sharklet retrofit modification on the Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. The installation of this value-adding technology will be carried out in Sabena technics’ facilities in Bordeaux. Sabena technics is also considering the possibility of combining this modification with scheduled base maintenance activities, cabin reconfiguration and/or painting in order to optimize the aircraft grounding time and provide the customers with an offer tailored to their needs.

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